As always, you can check for USSF clinics anywhere in Ohio South at or at the US Soccer Learning Site.

USSF Entry Level Grassroots Course 

Courses require on-line pre-work to be completed before classroom session.

See click on the big green bar at the top of the page. 

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Direct your questions to Mark Kleman (

Next class: 

Information to be published when available.

2021 USSF Grassroots Recertification 

If you were certified for 2020, 2021 recertification is automatic if your SafeSport, Conccussion Training, and background checks are current.

Ohio South Referee 2021 REGISTRATION Course Information


  1. Classes or online.  See - click on the big green bar at the top of the page. 
    Direct your questions to Mark Kleman

USSF to OHSAA Bridge Class 

Class information will be published when available.

This class is for those who have USSF certification and want to officiate high school.  You must first register on the myOHSAA  website.  After registering, login and "Select a Course".   You can search by instructor.  When you locate the course, select View and Signup

Contact the DRA in your District if you have questions:

District 1: James Ferguson     C-(513)444-6810
District 2: Michael Gauder    C-(937)313-1394
District 3: William Gaither III     C-(614)742-7219
District 4: Karl Kronberg    C-(740)525-2680
District 5: Mark Kleman  C-(419)204-7525   mklemansoccer@gmail,com