OSYSA Risk Management Certification:
Effective immediately all OSYSA risk management qualifications are now valid for 3 years. Anyone who is currently approved will be approved until 2017.
To submit a new application or print a certificate with an updated expiration date, click on this link.

Concussion Training:
Effective April 26, 2013, Ohio HB143 requires youth and high school referees to complete a concussion awareness training course.  The National Federation of High Schools offers a free course that meets the Ohio requirement.  Take the 25 minute course at
NFHSLearn.com.   After completion, print your certificate and keep a copy in your kit.  Also login to OSSRC and add your certificate to your profile.  The certification is good for three years.

Proudly serving athletes of the most beautiful game on Earth.


Western Ohio Soccer Officials Association

Getting Games:
Lima area: Look for open game on the Schedule tab.  Email Gary gmintchell@gmail.com 

and Roger


with game requests.

You can request MVYSL games here on theGameSchedule. Or email Gary

You can find a list of USSF tournaments in Ohio South here. Write to the tournament assignors directly.

Mark you calendars now for next year's Spring Tournaments:

Sidney Mayfest  -

May 12-13, 2018
Ohio Extreme (Ada) 

June 2-3, 2018 (to be confirmed}

​​Many thanks to long-time WOSOA Treasurer, Jeff Orphal.  Jeff has retired from that post after many years of service.

7 Reasons to Become a Soccer Official

2016-17 IFAB Rules of the Game

US Soccer Recommendations for Skin Care

2018 USSF Grade 8 Recertification session scheduled for December and January.  See the Referee Training Page for details.

USSF Entry Level Class - next one is February 24, 2018.  See the Referee Training Page for details.

USSF to OHSAA Bridge Class -

 will be March 5 and 8, 2018.  See the Referee Training Page for details.

Ohio South Bylaw changes effective July 1, 2016 regarding young players heading the ball includes:

20.7 When a player who is rostered on a team playing in an U-11 or younger age group or division deliberately strikes the ball with his / her head during any league or tournament game, Referees and Assistant Referees of that game must consider the act to be Dangerous Play and handle the matter accordingly as an infraction of the Laws of the Game.



Dave Webb, President
Mark Kleman, Vice President
Doug Billerman, Secretary
Mike Weihrauch, Treasurer
Michael Lause, Rules Interpreter
Michael Lause, Instruction Coordinator

USSF Appointments:

Gary Mintchell, District Referee Administrator, District Director of Instruction, District Director of Assessment.

WOSOA members, Gary Mintchell, 

& Roger Scott are OSSRC District 5 assignors.

Michael Lause, Dave Webb and Gary Mintchell are certified assessors helping with referee development.

Certified USSF Instructors for the area include Michael Lause, Gary Mintchell and Dave Webb.

Michael Lause is an OHSAA certified instructor.

Website comments, questions, suggestions

email webguy@wosoa.org